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Points mean prizes as Google Play Store rewards program comes to U.S.

If you sometimes find yourself splashing the cash in Google’s Play Store, then signing up for its new rewards program is surely a no-brainer.

Following an earlier launch in Japan and South Korea, Google Play Points has now arrived in the U.S., giving Android users the chance to earn rewards and discounts for their purchases in the Play Store.


“It’s free to join, and you can earn Play Points to use for special items and discounts in top games like Candy Crush Saga and Pokémon Go, or for Google Play Credit to use on movies, books, games, and apps,” Google’s Winston Mok wrote in a post announcing the new program.

If you’re feeling charitable and have lots of points in your account, you can even use them to support various nonprofits from a rotating list, with the first ones including Doctors Without Borders USA, Save the Children, and the World Food Program USA.

Play Points are earned with every purchase that you make in the Play Store, whether it’s for in-app items, movies, books, subscriptions, or anything else, and additional points can be earned by downloading free apps and games featured regularly by Google.

Four levels

The points system comprises four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. You can move your way up the levels by collecting more points, with higher levels offering more perks that can include things like weekly prizes.

At the Bronze level, you’ll earn 1 point for each ‎$1 spent, but if you move up to the Silver level, you’ll earn 1.1 instead. The Gold level earns you 1.2 points for every $1 spent, while Platinum earns you 1.4.

Points are rounded up for each purchase, too, so in the case where you spend, say, $5 in the Silver level, you’ll receive 6 points instead of 5.5.


How to join

To join Google Play Points, open the Play Store app on your Android device, tap the three-lines icon at the top of the display, and look for “Play Points” in the menu that appears.

As an extra incentive to join, Google is offering three times the usual number of Play Points on every purchase made in the first week of use.

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