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HP Adds iPod mini to Digital Music Line

The HP iPod mini will be available in two different versions, 4GB and 6GB models. Just like the regular Apple iPod mini, the HP models will feature an 18-hour battery life and share all of the same accessories.

With HP’s Printable Tattoos, users can create their own unique look for the player by adding digital designs, artwork and more to the outside of the player. Of course you will need an HP photo printer to make these tattoos, but its worth it right?

Consumers can print their mini Tattoos from an HP Photosmart 375 Compact Photo Printer. The printer uses HP Vivera Inks to deliver amazing color, which gives the Tattoos a rich and vibrant look that enhances any design consumers choose. HP Printable Tattoos are sold in packs of five printable glossy paper sheets that are pre-cut to fit the Apple iPod mini from HP. The retail price for HP Printable Tattoos for the iPod mini is $9.99.

You can view some samples of the HP Tattoos here.

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