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15 tricky HTC 10 problems and how to fix them

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A winning combination of gorgeous design and solid specs should attract plenty of people to the HTC 10. It’s one of our favorite phones of 2016, but as always, no phone is without bugs and glitches. After reviewing the HTC 10, and scouring the web for potential problems with the device, we’ve created this list of workarounds and possible fixes. Below are some of the more common issues with HTC’s flagship handset.

Problem: Display discoloration

Some HTC 10 owners have found a slight colored tint on their displays, which is more noticeable when the screen is viewed at an angle. Most are reporting a pink or red tinge, but some have a yellowish tint.


  • You can try using an app like Screen Equalizer to try and balance the color out.

Potential fixes:

  • Take a look in Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Color profile and tweak your settings. You can tap the three dots next to your profile to access the slider and make it colder.
  • Some people argue that this is caused by glue that hasn’t dried yet. It should fade away by itself, if that’s the case, but you may be able to speed the process up by cranking the brightness up and placing the phone in direct sunlight for a little while.
  • If it’s really annoying you and it doesn’t seem to be fading, then contact your carrier, retailer, or HTC and ask about a replacement handset.

Glitch: Poor LTE signal

There have been some grumbles about the strength of the LTE connectivity, as well as problems with maintaining a solid connection in some areas and with some carriers. Specifically, people on T-Mobile with the unlocked version of the HTC 10 seem to be having trouble after a recent firmware update. This might also lead to rapid battery drain.


  • Take a look in Settings > Mobile data > Network mode and you might be able to force it to look for LTE. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing battery drain, you could set it to stick with HSPA or 3G. However, this depends on the options you have in the Network mode.
  • Try turning your Wi-Fi on, even if there’s no Wi-Fi network to connect to. Some people report that this seemed to alleviate the LTE issue.

Potential fix:

  • It’s highly likely that this will be fixed with the next software update, which should pop up automatically when it’s available. That said, you can always check in Settings > About > Software updates.

Issue: Screen polarization

If you like to wear polarized sunglasses, then you might be disappointed to find that the HTC 10 screen is very difficult to see with them on. The screen will appear black or extremely dark when held in portrait mode while wearing polarized sunglasses. This is true for most phones that have LCD screens, but the HTC 10’s polarizing filter is orientated so that it impacts your view when you hold the phone in the portrait position.


  • If you turn your HTC 10 to landscape view you should be able to see it much better.
  • You can always turn the brightness all the way up to make the display a bit easier to read.
  • You could switch to another pair of sunglasses or take them off.

Annoyance: High pitch whine

A few people are complaining that they can hear a very high pitch whine coming from their HTC 10. In a quiet room, or when holding the phone fairly close, they can detect a ringing or high pitch noise.


  • For some people, this seems to be related to the screen brightness settings. If you turn the brightness above 50 percent, then the noise should fade away. It may also be worse when the screen background is dark.

Potential fix:

  • Some sufferers are reporting that a recent OTA update has solved the problem and stopped the noise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been released universally. You’ll be prompted about new updates automatically, but you can always check if you have the latest in Settings > About > Software updates.

Problem: SD card unmounting

There are some reports of an issue related to the SD card, where it keeps unmounting or disconnecting from the HTC 10. You might get a pop-up message about it. It’s worth testing the card in another device, just to make sure that it isn’t faulty.


  • You might be able to temporarily fix it by simply turning the HTC 10 off and on again. Hold down the Power button and tap Restart. If the phone is unresponsive, then hold down the Power and Volume down buttons together for at least 12 seconds and it should reboot.
  • Hold down the Power button and tap Power off. Then, remove the SD card, carefully place it back in the SIM tray, and slide it back into position. Turn the HTC 10 back on and test again.
  • You could try a different SD card.

Potential fixes:

  • Back up all the content from your SD card on your computer and try formatting it in the HTC 10. You can do this by heading to Settings > Storage, and tapping the gear icon beside your SD card before choosing Format.

Problem: Battery life is poor

The HTC 10 packs a 3,000mAh battery, which should deliver plenty of power in theory, but a lot of people have been underwhelmed with the battery life. In our HTC 10 review, we found the battery life to be somewhat average, but it still should be able to get you through the day with some change. If you find that the your phone’s power supply is draining quickly and it just can’t go the distance, then you might have a problem worth investigating.


  • Start by pulling down the notification shade and turn off any features, such as Bluetooth or mobile data, that you aren’t currently using.
  • Try to reduce your screen brightness as low as is comfortable, and shorten your screen timeout in Settings > Display.
  • Go into Settings > Power and consider turning on Power saver mode or Extreme power saving mode.
  • Some apps may be syncing in the background frequently when you don’t really need them to. Take a look in Settings > Accounts & sync and disable some of them.
  • You can also reduce syncing in your email accounts. Open the email app, select an account, tap the three vertical dots, and choose Settings > Sync. Then, tap Send & Receive and adjust the Sync schedule.

Potential fixes:

  • It’s possible that an app is causing your issues. You can test this by holding down the Power button and then tapping and holding on Power off to choose Reboot to safe mode. You’ll see safe mode in the bottom left, and if the battery drain issue is gone, then you know a third-party app is to blame. Just restart your HTC 10 to get out of safe mode.
  • Make sure your apps are up to date by opening the Play Store and tapping the three horizontal lines in the top left. Then choose My apps & games and tap Update all in the top right.
  • Take a look in Settings > Power > Battery usage to identify what is guzzling your power. If you choose an app and there’s an Adjust power use section, then you can tap the option underneath to adjust settings that impact the battery.
  • Open up the Boost+ app and tap Clear junk to get rid of cache files and other things you no longer need.
  • If you think an app is to blame, then try uninstalling one-by-one and testing, or perform a factory reset and reinstall apps selectively. If you do decide to factory reset, then back up everything first. Afterward, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and tap Ok.

Issue: Wi-Fi won’t connect or keeps dropping

We see issues with Wi-Fi pop up on every new smartphone, but they can usually be resolved. You may find that your HTC 10 won’t connect to a specific network or maybe it connects, but the speed is slow or keeps dropping out and back in again.

Potential solutions:

  • Turn your phone off and on again. Try switching off your HTC 10 by holding the Power button down and choosing Power off. You should also turn the router off and back on again.
  • Pull down the notification shade and tap and hold on Wi-Fi, or go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Find the problematic network, tap and hold it, then select Forget network. Turn Wi-Fi off and on again, and try setting up the connection afresh.
  • Go to Settings > About > Software updates and make sure your HTC 10 software is up to date.
  • Take a look on the website for your router manufacturer to see if there is a firmware update available.
  • You may be trying to use a crowded channel. Wifi Analyzer is a good, free app that allows you to check how crowded the channels are. Refer to your router manufacturer or ISP for instructions on changing channels.
  • Make sure that you aren’t using MAC filtering on your router. If you are, then turn it off or add your HTC 10’s MAC address. You can find it in Settings > About > Phone identity, listed under Wi-Fi MAC address.
  • Your last resort is to try a factory reset. Back up anything important, and go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset.

Glitch: Stuttering or unresponsive

If you find that your HTC 10 to be slow or the screen to be unresponsive, then there are a few different things you can try. Take note of what you were doing when the problem occurs to see if there’s a common thread.

Potential fixes:

  • Start by holding down the Power button and selecting Restart. If the screen is unresponsive, then hold down Power and Volume down until the HTC 10 restarts. This should at least temporarily solve your issue.
  • If the problem persists, then try turning the HTC 10 off and remove your Micro SD card. Then, turn it back on and test it.
  • Try activating safe mode by holding down the Power button and then tapping and holding on Power off before selecting Reboot to safe mode. You’ll see the safe mode option in the bottom left. If your issue is gone, then you know a third-party app is to blame. Restart your HTC 10 to get out of safe mode. You can either remove apps one-by-one and test again, or you can perform a factory reset and reinstall selectively. If you do decide to perform a factory reset, then back up everything first, then go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and tap Ok.

Bug: Camera not working or poor results

The HTC 10 may not have the best camera on the smartphone scene, but it’s certainly capable of capturing excellent photos. However, some people have run into trouble while trying to get the camera to work properly. There are complaints about laser autofocus, purple noise in Pro mode, and a lack of fine detail.

Possible fixes:

  • Make sure that you have the latest firmware, because HTC just released a patch with a host of camera tweaks and improvements, as well as bug fixes. You can check via Settings > About > Software updates. The update notes include “Auto HDR improvements, Low light sharpness/brightness improvements, Outdoor sharpness improvements, Reduced purple noise in Pro mode”, and “Modified laser autofocus UI”.
  • If the camera is refusing to start or misbehaving, then go to Settings > Apps and find the Camera app, then tap Storage > Clear data.
  • You may as well delete cached data as well. Go to Settings > Storage, tap Cached data, and tap Ok to confirm.
  • If you’re getting flash splash back or strange distortions in your photos, then try removing any case you have on the HTC 10 and make sure there’s nothing on the lens.
  • If you’ve installed a third-party app that uses the camera, then try uninstalling it, restarting your HTC 10, and testing the camera again.

Problem: Overheating

This is another common problem for all smartphones, and it may be exacerbated by the metal body of the HTC 10. Keep in mind that phones will always get hot in the first couple of days, because they’re downloading a lot of apps in the background and you’re using them more than you normally would. If the heat persists after the first week, or your HTC 10 is getting very warm when it isn’t really doing anything, then you might have a problem.

Possible fixes:

  • Try a simple restart by holding down the Power button and selecting Restart.
  • It’s also worth turning your HTC 10 off and removing the Micro SD card — if you have one —as they can sometimes cause problems.
  • Try activating safe mode by holding down the Power button and then tapping and holding on Power off before selecting Reboot to safe mode. You’ll see the safe mode option in the bottom left, and if your overheating issue is gone, then you know a third-party app is to blame. Restart your HTC 10 to get out of safe mode. You can either remove apps one-by-one and test again, or you can perform a factory reset and reinstall selectively. If you do decide to perform a factory reset, then back up everything first, then go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and tap Ok.
  • If the problem persists, then it’s time to contact HTC, your carrier, or your retailer and ask about a potential replacement.

Annoyance: Apps are crashing

A few HTC 10 owners are experiencing crashes with a number of their apps. The apps may also freeze unexpectedly, force close without any input from the users, or partially work for an undetermined amount of time.

Potential fixes:

  • Check for an update for your phone’s software at Settings > System update.
  • Check for an app update on the Play Store – Open the Play Store app, then tap the Menu icon > My Apps & Games and tap the Installed tab; any available updates will be on this page. Tap Update All to install all available updates, or install individual updates by tapping the app, then Update.
  • You can delete the app data for the apps having issues by going to Settings > Apps/App Manager, then tap the app and go to Storage > Clear Data > OK.
  • You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. To uninstall, go to Settings > Apps/App Manager > tap the app you wish to uninstall and choose Uninstall/Uninstall Updates > OK. Install or update the app again through the Play Store.

Problem: Can’t be heard during phone calls or when recording audio/video

If your contacts are unable to hear you clearly, or at all, there’s one thing to look into to confirm the problem, and that’s the microphone. If you’re also unable to record audio when recording video, the microphone may be the problem. There are ways to test it to see if it’s working properly.

Potential fixes:

  • First, check the microphones and clear them of any dirt, dust, or other debris. Also make sure they’re not covered by anything.
  • Try making a call using a VOIP app such as Skype. If everything works as intended, the problem may be with your carrier and any possible network issues they’re facing. Reach out to them to confirm this.
  • If recording audio within an app, try another app to see if the problem persists.
  • Test your microphone – Press and hold the Power button, then press and hold Power Off until you’re prompted to reboot into the phone’s safe mode. Tap OK to do so. After your phone reboots, dial “*#*#3424#*#*” > tap Accept when prompted > Audio Test > Run. Follow the on screen instructions to test both the speakers and the microphone. Restart your phone.
  • Reach out to your carrier or HTC support to seek repairs or a replacement device.

Problem: Can’t connect or sync phone to PC using HTC Sync Manager

HTC Sync Manager is a free program for the PC/Mac that makes it easier for HTC owners to transfer media to the device, as well as sync data such as contacts, calendar events, bookmarks, and documents. For some user, however, their HTC phone isn’t connecting properly to their computer, or they’ve been unable to sync when using the program. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to get things working again.

Potential fixes:

  • The easiest thing to do is to try using a different USB cable to connect your phone to the PC.
  • Restart your PC, as well as your phone.
  • Check and make sure you’re running the latest version of HTC Sync Manager. While in the program, click the Menu icon in the right upper corner, then click Check for Updates.
  • Make sure the phone is set for file transfer – after connecting the phone to the PC, you should get a prompt where you must check off File transfers, followed by tapping Just Once. If there is no prompt, drag down the Notifications bar on the HTC 10, tap Use USB for, then check off File transfers and tap Just Once.
  • Run HTC Sync Manager in Administrator Mode – Find the shortcut for the program, right click on it, then click Run as administrator. Or, search for the program, right click on it, then click Run as administrator.
  • Toggle USB debugging settings – First you need to enable Developer options, if you haven’t already. Go to Settings > About > Software information > More, and then tap Build number (about seven times) until you get the “You are now a developer!” message; Developer options should now appear in Settings. Now go to Settings > Developer options > Revoke USB debugging authorizations > OK. Connect your device to your PC and tap Yes when asked to allow USB debugging. If you don’t get this prompt, go to Settings > Developer options, then toggle USB debugging off and on.

Problem: Display no longer rotates automatically

Some users have noticed that their phone’s display no longer rotates automatically when the orientation of the phone is changed. In other cases, the rotation seems too sensitive to movement, or happens too slowly.

Potential fixes:

  • As always, restart your phone to see if that fixes the problem.
  • Check your auto-rotate settings by going to Settings > Display > Gestures & Buttons > Auto rotate screen. Enable the setting if it’s disabled, or toggle the setting off and on again.

Annoyance: Phone turns off or restarts on its own

If your HTC 10 turns off on its own, or restarts without any input from yourself, there are multiple things you can do in an attempt to fix the problem. This isn’t the first smartphone to have this particular problem, so don’t panic if it is happening to you.

Potential solutions:

  • Make sure it’s not just your phone’s screen turning off after a certain amount of time. You can change those settings under Settings > Display > Gestures & Buttons.
  • When the phone’s battery is low enough, the phone will turn off automatically in order to keep it from dying completely.
  • Check for an update, as it could be a software issue. Go to Settings > Software updates or Settings > About > Software updates.
  • Update your apps, as they could be the cause of the constant shut downs and restarts. Go to the Play Store app, then tap the Menu icon > My Apps & Games and tap the Installed tab; any available updates will be on this page.
  • Uninstall any task managers or battery saver apps you have installed, or any apps that were installed just before the problems began.
  • If your phone is hotter than it should be, it could be shutting itself off in an attempt to cool down.
    • Avoid using multiple apps that use a lot of processing power. Also make a habit out of closing apps you’re not using.
    • If it gets hot and shuts down or restarts while charging, considering getting a new charging cable, or cut down on how much your use your phone while it’s charging.
  • Back up your files and perform a factory reset by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset Phone > enter your security information if asked > OK.
  • If the problem continues, reach out to your carrier or HTC Support to get a replacement phone or to have your current phone repaired.

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