15 tricky HTC 10 problems and how to fix them

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A winning combination of gorgeous design and solid specs should attract plenty of people to the HTC 10. It’s one of our favorite phones of 2016, but as always, no phone is without bugs and glitches. After reviewing the HTC 10, and scouring the web for potential problems with the device, we’ve created this list of workarounds and possible fixes. Below are some of the more common issues with HTC’s flagship handset.

Problem: Display discoloration

Some HTC 10 owners have found a slight colored tint on their displays, which is more noticeable when the screen is viewed at an angle. Most are reporting a pink or red tinge, but some have a yellowish tint.


  • You can try using an app like Screen Equalizer to try and balance the color out.

Potential fixes:

  • Take a look in Settings > Display, gestures & buttons > Color profile and tweak your settings. You can tap the three dots next to your profile to access the slider and make it colder.
  • Some people argue that this is caused by glue that hasn’t dried yet. It should fade away by itself, if that’s the case, but you may be able to speed the process up by cranking the brightness up and placing the phone in direct sunlight for a little while.
  • If it’s really annoying you and it doesn’t seem to be fading, then contact your carrier, retailer, or HTC and ask about a replacement handset.

Glitch: Poor LTE signal

There have been some grumbles about the strength of the LTE connectivity, as well as problems with maintaining a solid connection in some areas and with some carriers. Specifically, people on T-Mobile with the unlocked version of the HTC 10 seem to be having trouble after a recent firmware update. This might also lead to rapid battery drain.


  • Take a look in Settings > Mobile data > Network mode and you might be able to force it to look for LTE. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing battery drain, you could set it to stick with HSPA or 3G. However, this depends on the options you have in the Network mode.
  • Try turning your Wi-Fi on, even if there’s no Wi-Fi network to connect to. Some people report that this seemed to alleviate the LTE issue.

Potential fix:

  • It’s highly likely that this will be fixed with the next software update, which should pop up automatically when it’s available. That said, you can always check in Settings > About > Software updates.

Issue: Screen polarization

If you like to wear polarized sunglasses, then you might be disappointed to find that the HTC 10 screen is very difficult to see with them on. The screen will appear black or extremely dark when held in portrait mode while wearing polarized sunglasses. This is true for most phones that have LCD screens, but the HTC 10’s polarizing filter is orientated so that it impacts your view when you hold the phone in the portrait position.


  • If you turn your HTC 10 to landscape view you should be able to see it much better.
  • You can always turn the brightness all the way up to make the display a bit easier to read.
  • You could switch to another pair of sunglasses or take them off.

Annoyance: High pitch whine

A few people are complaining that they can hear a very high pitch whine coming from their HTC 10. In a quiet room, or when holding the phone fairly close, they can detect a ringing or high pitch noise.


  • For some people, this seems to be related to the screen brightness settings. If you turn the brightness above 50 percent, then the noise should fade away. It may also be worse when the screen background is dark.

Potential fix:

  • Some sufferers are reporting that a recent OTA update has solved the problem and stopped the noise. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been released universally. You’ll be prompted about new updates automatically, but you can always check if you have the latest in Settings > About > Software updates.

Problem: SD card unmounting

There are some reports of an issue related to the SD card, where it keeps unmounting or disconnecting from the HTC 10. You might get a pop-up message about it. It’s worth testing the card in another device, just to make sure that it isn’t faulty.


  • You might be able to temporarily fix it by simply turning the HTC 10 off and on again. Hold down the Power button and tap Restart. If the phone is unresponsive, then hold down the Power and Volume down buttons together for at least 12 seconds and it should reboot.
  • Hold down the Power button and tap Power off. Then, remove the SD card, carefully place it back in the SIM tray, and slide it back into position. Turn the HTC 10 back on and test again.
  • You could try a different SD card.

Potential fixes:

  • Back up all the content from your SD card on your computer and try formatting it in the HTC 10. You can do this by heading to Settings > Storage, and tapping the gear icon beside your SD card before choosing Format.
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