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Huawei plays with fire, plans Honor 6 Plus smartphone launch for December 16

huawei honor 6 plus baits apple top rear
What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Huawei has a new phone ready to reveal next week, and it’s called the Honor 6 Plus. From the name and the apple-laden teaser picture posted to its official Weibo account, it’s most likely a larger version of the recently relaunched Honor 6, the design of which isn’t all that different to the iPhone 6. It’s obvious, then, Huawei is keen to take on Apple in the least subtle, and most provocative way possible.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus TeaserIf rumors are correct, the Honor 6 Plus will have a 5.5-inch, 1080p touchscreen, and be powered by an octa-core processor from the Kirin family. Other possible specs include a 3GB chunk of RAM, and a serious 3500mAh battery, which should keep the Android phone running for at least a couple of days.

The Honor 6 Plus’s headline spec could be a dual-lens camera, which should work in a similar way to the setup used on the HTC One M8. A series of images labeled as being taken with the Honor 6 Plus show an adjustable depth of field feature in action. This has been a go-to feature for several manufacturers – including LG and Samsung – to differentiate the cameras over the past year, but only HTC has previously used hardware rather than software to make it work.

Huawei says it will launch the Honor 6 Plus on December 16, but isn’t saying where the phone will be sold. The Honor 6 is sold in the UK and Europe, effectively removes Huawei’s name from the product, and is purchased through Amazon or the Huawei-operated online store. It makes sense for the Honor 6 Plus to join it, and we’ll presumably know for sure in the very near future. Unless the lawyers get involved beforehand.

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