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Coming in 2020: Huawei says a superphone will save the day

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JD Hancock
The rising of the sun each day, the Super Bowl, a re-emerging public fascination with David Hasselhoff, farewell tours from the rock band KISS … these are things that can be observed to come and go in cycles, like many things in life. It can be argued that invention follows a similar cycle as well — but it usually takes a look back at history to point it out.

Huawei, the Chinese technology giant, believes that these same cycles can be applied to the evolution of and technology leaps seen in smartphones, and that the next generation will produce something the company sees as a “superphone.”

“Inspired by the biological evolution, the mobile phone we currently know will come to life as the superphone,” said Huawei’s Shao Yang as he spoke in Singapore at Huawei Innovation Day Asia.

Yang is President of Strategy Marketing at Huawei Consumer Business Group, and by his estimates and observance of history, smartphones make leaps of invention on a 12-year cycle. The first feature phone came from Motorola back in 1995. Twelve years later, Apple came out with the first smartphone, in 2007. His thinking jumps ahead to 2020, when twelve more years will have passed and the superphone will arrive.

The theory banks on the assumption that the occurrence of two events in time can be used to predict the timing of a third similar event. Is that true? We’re not so sure. Nonetheless, Yang cites biological evolution in nature as additional inspiration behind this prediction.

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Yang says that this superphone will be the culmination of digital intelligence, as it will have progressively been developed over the years through evolution and adaptation. He expects this new superphone to transform human perceptions, enhancing experiences and exhibiting intelligence that will help humans to go farther than ever before. As this superphone connects to our world, it will also be interconnected to continuing advancements in big data, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and so forth.

Huawei is working on driving development and advancing these notions through developing phone intelligence, features, and connectivity. The docket of things on the development and interactivity list includes virtual reality, augmented reality, sensors, IoT connectivity, big data analytics, digital intelligence, and more.

Huawei is a major manufacturer of smartphones and the company is committed to maintaining its history of incredible growth across the board, especially in this cutting-edge business. The company’s products have reached out into vehicles, homes, and other products that are far beyond their traditional business of networking and telecommunications.

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