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iFusion iPhone docking station makes your iPhone old-school

It looks weird, right? That iPhone sitting in a dock on a typical, unassuming office phone. Despite the strange juxtaposition of the two, we think the iFusion iPhone docking station ($180) might actually have some promise. The dock functions as a Bluetooth speaker dock for your iPhone, turning it into a more traditional landline-style phone for business calls or if you simply prefer the old-school nostalgia at home. The dock has a built-in speakerphone that can stream call audio or music from your iPhone thanks to A2DP Bluetooth streaming. If speakerphone volume or music quality is a high priority, you can also plug in an additional set of speakers to up the ante. The iFusion will be available April 1 in both black and white models, but if you pre-order your device before the release date, you will get a nice $30 discount.

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