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iHome iA100 speakers add Bluetooth and iPad support

Accessory and peripheral maker iHome as announced its new iA100 Bluetooth Stereo System, which is the latest evolution of its speaker dock-alarm clock-FM radio-charing station for iPhones and iPods. However, the new iA100 adds a new twist: the system incorporates Bluetooth wireless audio so users can push their tunes over its high-performance Bongiovi Acoustics DPS system without even being bothered to plug in their iDevice. Plus, the iA100 can act as a stand and charging station for Apple’s iPad tablet computing device.

“The features and functionality of the iA100 really raise the standard on what docking stations can do,” said iHome marketing VP Evan Stein, in a statement. “The ability to connect wirelessly and communicate with our iHome+Sleep and iHome+Radio apps opens the door to new ways for consumers to maximize the use and fun of their favorite portable electronic devices.”

The iA100 is “app-enhanced,” which means iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners can download on-device applications to control the functionality of their docking stations: Home+Sleep handles alarms, syncing, and weather information while iHome+Radio manages Internet-based radio stations. In addition to an integrated FM radio (ten presets), the iA100 is Bluetooth enabled, so users can pair their portable devices with the docking station and stream audio to the unit without wires. What’s more, the iA100 can act as a speakerphone (with echo cancellation) for use in meetings or gatherings. iHome also touts the unit’s audio quality, with Bongiovi Acoustic DPS real-time signal processing and four active speakers with iHome’s Reson8 chambers. There’s also an aux-in jack for users who happen to have a non-Apple audio device.

The iA100 is available now for a suggested price of $199 through major North American retailers, as well as through iHome directly.

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