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This hidden iPad Pro Easter egg is unbelievably cool

A render of the front and back of the 2024 iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro (2024) is now reaching customers, and early adopters have already discovered an Easter egg on the tablet. It involves the Apple Pencil Pro, which also recently made its debut, and it’s ridiculously cool.

Tech enthusiast Mikah Sargent was among the first to discover the Easter egg and posted about it on X (formerly Twitter). A subtle shadow appears in the UI when the Apple Pencil Pro is hovered over an iPad Pro. He discovered it during TWIT’s MacBreak Weekly. Snazzy Labs noticed the same Easter egg and called it “INSANE.”

Did you notice the little shadow that appears in the UI when you hover your Apple Pencil over an iPad Pro?

Spotted it during @TWiT's MacBreak Weekly yesterday. Clever!

— Mikah Sargent (@mikahsargent) May 16, 2024

Finally, Verownika took to X after discovering the Easter egg and remarked: “The details of the Apple Pencil Pro with the shadows that change depending on the stroke you choose. The wonderful details of Apple.”

How cool is that, huh?

The Apple Pencil Pro is the best Apple Pencil to date. It features three new writing tools that were missing from previous models. These include the ability to rotate its barrel to change the orientation of the shaped pen and brush tools. A new feature also allows you to squeeze the Pencil to bring up a palette and switch tools, line weights, and colors. The Apple Pencil Pro is also the first to include haptic feedback.

Apple’s attention to detail is INSANE. You can’t watch this and not smile.

— Snazzy Labs (@SnazzyLabs) May 16, 2024

The new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro (2024) have several upgrades compared to previous models. These include the new M4 chip, which is 50% faster than the M2 chip in the last iPad Pro, and a new Ultra Retina XDR display that utilizes OLED technology. The tablets are also thinner than any previous iPad model.

The Apple Pencil Pro is the first new Apple Pencil since the Apple Pencil USB-C launched last year. It works with the iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air (2024).

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