Fuel cells could give future Apple devices weeks of battery life

While sand could be used to increase battery performance threefold, Apple is reportedly working on environment-friendly fuel cell batteries that could potentially allow your iOS device to run for days, even weeks.

Cited by “senior sources in the U.S.” and reported by Daily Mail, Apple is reportedly working with British fuel cell firm Intelligent Energy to try and bring its long-lasting battery project to the Cupertino-based company’s iPads and MacBooks. The report did not mention the iPhone, though it’s likely that Apple will embed the technology into its smartphones once fuel cells are miniaturized enough.

Intelligent EnergyIn December of last year, Intelligent Energy purchased patents that pertain to the practical application of fuel cell, from battery firm Eveready. Intelligent Energy revealed that it purchased the patents in tandem with a major “international electronics company,” with a source familiar with the partnership saying the company in question is Apple.

Intelligent Energy already has close ties to Apple, as represented by its recruiting of former Apple product specialist Joe O’Sullivan to its board as chief operating officer. In addition, the British fuel cell firm opened an office in San Jose, California, a short distance away from Apple’s headquarters. Neither company has yet to confirm or deny the partnership, though the fuel cell technology won’t be seen in Apple products for another few years.