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iPhone 14 Pro rumored to offer the most RAM for any iPhone

Rumor has it that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro will have 8GB of RAM, the most ever featured in an iPhone. Although the iPhone 13 series is still relatively new, eyes are always focused on what Apple will be doing next, and it seems like it might be outdoing itself in terms of internal memory for the release of the next iPhone later this year.

Currently, the rumor is unverifiable, but it comes from a blogger called yeux1122 on the Korean blogging site Naver who correctly predicted that Apple would be releasing a new iPad Mini in 2021. The source is familiar enough with the Apple supply chain to say that the parts needed for the upgrade “have already been confirmed.”

Renders purportedly showing off the iPhone 14 and its notchless front.
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That said, the blogger didn’t get all of the details right with their previous prediction, though they did get some things correct, such as the iPad Mini’s increased chassis size and its release window, giving some credibility to their latest RAM claim. This also isn’t the first rumor that’s made the rounds stating that the iPhone 14 Pro will have 8 GB of RAM, so yeux1122’s statement, paired with the other rumors, has started putting together a solid case for the claim.

Apple products have always been light in terms of RAM compared to Android devices, so it makes sense Apple would want to up the devices’ technical specs with the next release as apps become more resource-intensive. When compared to the RAM offerings in Samsung phones, Apple has trailed behind, but if the iPhone 14 Pro features 8GB, then it will have the same memory as the low-end options of the Galaxy S22 series.

The blog post doesn’t say anything about the base iPhone 14 model’s RAM, so it’s possible that only the Pro model will be getting the memory bump. That said, while RAM is certainly important to the technical specs of a device, the iPhone 13 already outperforms many Android competitors, so the additional memory might not end up changing too much of the iPhone 14’s overall performance and reception.

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