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Increased LCD production hints at more affordable iPhones for 2018

When Apple announced the iPhone X, it was met with a bit of a mixed reaction. On one hand, everyone thought the phone looked amazing, but the $1,000 price tag was a bit much. Despite the phone selling very well during the holiday season, Apple appears to be poised to focus its efforts on more affordable alternatives this year. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple’s supply chains are producing a higher number of LCD panels which are used in Apple’s less expensive smartphones.

Apple itself has not directly commented on its plans for the future and has said that the iPhone X was its best-selling smartphone for the first three months of 2018. That being said, many analysts believe that less expensive LCD-based phones make up the majority of Apple’s sales.

This doesn’t mean that Apple is abandoning the OLED displays found in the iPhone X. In fact, it is widely believed that two of this year’s new iPhones will feature OLED panels, whereas only one will make use of an LCD display. Despite this, it has been reported that Apple’s suppliers are producing more LCD displays than OLED displays because the company expects that most consumers will prefer the more affordable option. The OLED panels were a major factor in the high price point of the iPhone X, with some analysts saying they cost about $100 compared to $40 LCD displays used in the iPhone 8.

Regardless of which option consumers choose, they will likely be getting a similar phone to last year’s iPhone X, as it is believed that Apple intends to use the X’s design as the basis for 2018’s smartphones.

If that is true, then it may be the end of the line for the design used by the iPhone 8, which has been a staple since the iPhone 6. At this point the design, while certainly iconic, does feel a bit dated. It can often be difficult to tell the iPhone 8 from the 7 or the 6, which makes this change a rather welcome one. Regardless of where you stand on the iOS v Android debate, there can be little doubt that the iPhone X is one of the best looking smartphones on the market.

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