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The iPhone 5S will be the ‘champagne’ of phones… maybe

gold iphone mockups
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Neon colors are all the craze right now, but the next iPhone may look more like a kitchen in the 1970s: Gold. Well, more like “champagne,” if you want to get technical, but you get the point. The last time Apple introduced an entirely new color was in 2011 when it unveiled the white iPhone 4S, so perhaps the world’s most popular phone may finally ditch its monochromatic confines to enter the world of tint. Sort of.

Miller High Life
The color of the next iPhone?

We’re kind of big on beers here at DT, so you could say that compared to the colors of cheap booze, the iPhone 5S will be less of a Coors and more of a Miller High Life; In dollar coins, it will be less of a Susan B. Anthony and more of a Sacajawea; in roads, it will be less asphalt and more Yellow Brick; and, as MG Ziegler of TechCrunch notes, it may be colored less like an iPod and more like the least-successful color of the short-lived iPod Mini.

This is all still rumor and speculation, of course, though Ziegler and Apple site iMore claim they’ve heard it on good authority that gold is coming. Could this be Apple’s first step toward a Kodachrome iPhone? Eventually, it will probably release all its major gadgets in every color imaginable. Are we just one year away from the technicolor iPhone? What about an Apple iPhone Maker, like Motorola has for the new Moto X? All within realms of possibility, given how much society likes customization.

Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t fuel the Android/iPhone war a little by noting that Samsung has already experimented with gold tints. The new Galaxy Tab 3 line comes with champagne-colored accents. For once, spending hundreds of dollars on your gadget will actually make it look expensive.

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