Wanna get humiliated on Tumblr? Steal this guy’s iPhone

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What would you do if someone stole your phone? Well, you could report it to the police and take the proper precautions of disabling it remotely, as we strongly advise – you know, be responsible … or you could get really mad and seek revenge over the Internet. This guy (or gal?) who started Ricardotheiphonethief.com has decided that humiliation is the best form of punishment.

Are these iPhone thief's?
Are these iPhone thieves?

The site’s creator, who claims he was taking a “peaceful nap in a field whilst clutching” his iPhone 5 at Coachella earlier this year, woke up to find his phone was stolen. Some time later, iCloud notified him that his old iPhone “had been reconnected” and was now called “Ricardo y Reyna iPhone.” Instead of getting worried about a stolen iPhone having access to his account, or notifying authorities, he decided to create a Tumblr and make fun of them.

So far, he’s posted pictures of a couple apparently named Ricardo and Reyna, who appear to own the phone – and, of course, made fun of what they look like and where they go.

“These assholes must be the kingpins of the southern california black market iPhone racket, because apparently they can swing hawaiian vacations. DON’T GET THAT HAIR WET, REYNA!” he wrote on Oct. 22.

Are Ricardo and Reyna the actual phone thieves the victim is after? If so, they aren’t too bright because they didn’t even reset the phone they stole. However, it’s more likely that they bought the phone from someone without knowing it was stolen. And if that’s the case, this guy just made himself just about as much of an asshole as someone who would steal a phone. Redditors have spent some time debating the finer points of all this, as well.

Smartphone thievery is on the rise. In some cities, like New York and San Francisco, one third to one half of all crime is related to cell phone theft. I’m not sure starting a Tumblr really solves much. But hey, everyone needs to blow off steam, right?

What do you think? Is this right or wrong?

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