Kensington debuts KeyFolio Thin X3: A keyboard that can charge your iPhone

kensington keyfolio thin x3 keyboard

There are a ton of iPad keyboard cases out there and it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. However, the Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3 keyboard case for the iPad Air does just about everything you could ask for. The case holds your tablet in place, protects the screen, allows for easy typing with shortcuts keys, and it can even charge your iPhone in the meantime.

So if you’re on an airplane, train, bus, or just sitting in a cafe typing madly away on the KeyFolio Thin X3’s keyboard and you suddenly realize that your phone is going to die at any minute, you can simply plug in the USB adapter and connect your power cord to the keyboard. Since the adapter is a USB, you can charge any kind of smartphone, be it an iPhone, Android, or Windows device.

The KeyFolio can give your phone a full charge ad still have battery left for typing, but Kensington says the charging feature is mainly for a small, added boost. The keyboard connects to your iPad Air via Bluetooth and provides protection fro the screen and the back of your device. The case closes to look like a laptop and is held secure by magnets, so you don’t have to worry about something getting lodged between the keyboard and the tablet while it’s in your bag.

Kensington KeyFolio Thin X3

When you open the case, your iPad Air will automatically wake up. Then, you can slide the iPad Air back into the typing position and a magnetic groove will hold it in place while you type. Then, when you don’t want to use the keyboard anymore, you can slide the tablet forward and rest it at the perfect angle for touchscreen use. The KeyFolio Thin X3 also recognizes that you’re no longer using the Bluetooth keyboard and automatically switches over to the iPad Air’s own touchscreen keyboard.

The keyboard itself is laptop style, offers the full range of keys, and several shortcut keys to make your life even easier. In our short test of the it at CE Week, we found the keys responsive and easy to use. The charging feature is also a very cool bonus, especially when you’re on the go.

Kensington says the KeyFolio Thin X3 will be available soon for $100.