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Android may soon have a flatter look, if these leaked shots are real

leak points major design makeover upcoming version android redesign
Photo via Android Police

Android is getting a makeover. According to Android Police, a major redesign may be coming to the Android interface, one that emulates what we’ve seen in iOS 7. 

The supposed leak, which Android Police said came from “a source familiar with the new designs,” shows a flatter interface similar to the design scheme that first appeared in iOS 7. The new design, which is said to be called “Moonshine” internally, shows Android app icons that more closely resemble their desktop versions.

The leaked photo is a screenshot of an Android home screen that shows the revamped icons for Google+, Chrome, YouTube, Hangouts, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, People and the Play Store. To make the changes a lot easier to spot, Android Police put out a side-by-side comparison of Google icons, which can be found below. As added proof, the site also published a screenshot of a Google Partners home page that shows the new flatter icons.

We should point out that design elements can be easily changed so you should take this leak with a degree of skepticism. It’s also unclear how far along the new style is in the design process so even if it does show up in a future Android release, some elements can be changed completely. There’s also no way to tell when this may come out. However, some publications have already called it for the upcoming Android 4.5 release. If that turns out to be accurate, we may see it as early as this summer.

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