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Leaks reveal the final design of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and Ultra 5G

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is coming. Leaks and rumors have reached a fever point in the last few weeks, and as a result, we know pretty much everything you want to know about Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones. But many elements of a phone can be changed before release, and older leaks can reflect older designs. As such, it’s always quite exciting when a design is confirmed close to release. That’s just happened with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and by multiple leakers to boot. According to multiple experienced leakers, this is what we’ll be expecting to see when Samsung reveals the biggest phone in the Galaxy S20 range.

Credit: @ishanagarwal24

The first of these leaks came from Ishan Agarwal, and it clarifies what the upgraded camera module will look like. It comprises four lenses and an LED flash, and getting the look of the camera module right was likely a major challenge for Samsung, as a badly designed camera module can immediately put people off a phone. The final design, as tweeted by Ishan, shows that Samsung may have nailed that design. Rather than opting for a single oblong block, Samsung has divided the camera module up with a two-tone finish. Much like the leaked design of the Huawei P40 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra will use a gray matte finish around the three main camera lenses and LED flash, leave the telephoto lens outside of the main module.

It may initially seem like an odd decision, but in practice it allows Samsung to draw attention to the telephoto lens, which is rumored to be a periscope lens packing an impressive 10x optical zoom. The lens is also rumored to reach 100× zoom with digital zoom, and that feature is highlighted in placeholder text beside the lens. The remaining lenses form a rounded square “squircle.” The overall impact is much more pleasing to the eye than previous leaks, which shows a module with a single tone.

This render’s veracity has been backed up by other leakers, who wasted no time in adding the new module to older render, giving us what may be the first accurate look at the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Credit: @BenGeskin

Of course, we’ll only know if these renders are truthful when the phone range is released. At the moment, the new Galaxy S20 series phones are expected to be revealed at the Galaxy Unpacked event on February 11. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is rumored to be the largest phone in a three phone range, and will be joined by the Samsung Galaxy S20, and the Galaxy S20 Plus.

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