No notch, no bezels: Lenovo’s Z5 phone looks incredible

If you haven’t paid much attention to Lenovo’s smartphones in the past, that’s about to change. The Lenovo Z5 is coming, and this concept sketch shows just how excited we should be about it. This is no source-less leak either, it was shared by Lenovo’s mobile group product manager Chang Cheng on the Weibo social network, so we can be assured it’s not only genuine, but also representative of what the Z5 will really be like.

lenovo z5 news concept sketch

This isn’t the first time Cheng has mentioned the Lenovo Z5 either, having also shared a teaser image a few days before the concept sketch, hinting at just how much screen the phone will have. He asks followers to guess the screen-to-body ratio, giving four options from which to choose, culminating in a whopping 95 percent. While he doesn’t give an answer, we’re going to assume he’s saying the Z5 will reach the highest number. For reference, the Essential PH-1 leads the current pack with an 84.9 percent screen-to-body ratio.

lenovo z5 news sideWhile the concept sketch shows the bezel-less design we’ve all dreamed of, mainly because it doesn’t have an opinion-splitting notch, it raises plenty of questions. Where is the selfie camera? Where are the sensors for ambient light and proximity? How about the speaker? Cheng writes the Z5 contains 18 patented technologies, which may help answer these points. Other companies have also addressed these problems in different ways, from the pop-out selfie camera on the Vivo Apex, to placing the speaker and associated sensors behind the screen on the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

There’s no indication when the Lenovo Z5 will be announced, although unsubstantiated reports claim it will launch on June 14, which may only be taken from the numbers on the phone’s screen in the teaser image. When it does arrive, do not expect it to be cheap. When Xiaomi pushed the design envelope with the original Mi Mix, it cost at least $1,000, a price tag shared by the equally innovative Apple iPhone X. Lenovo sells its phones internationally, primarily through its own online store, so at least if you do eventually want one, and can stomach the cost, there’s a strong chance you’ll be able to buy a Z5.

We’ll keep you updated about the Lenovo Z5 here, so check back for more news soon.