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The LG G3’s QuickCircle case gets its first game, and the idea is to pop puppy heads

lg g3 quickcircle puppy pop
LG has released Puppy Pop, a game designed to be played on the G3 smartphone, but with the QuickCircle folder case closed. That’s right, it’s one you play through the small circular window, rather than on the 5.5-inch, Quad HD display hidden behind it. It’s no surprise to learn this isn’t a graphics-intensive first-person-shooter, but something a little more simple: A match-three game.

According to LG, the idea is to match three or more identical puppies, draw a line across them, so they “pop.” Sounds nasty, but we don’t think there will be any exploding puppy heads in this game. There’s a time limit imposed on your puppy popping, and the object is to score as many points as you can.

LG launched the QuickCircle case alongside the G3 smartphone just before the summer. A double tap of the circular screen wakes it up, where you can view messages, adjust settings, handle your music, or even take a picture, all without opening the case itself. LG promised that developers would be able to utilize the feature in their own apps, and has released a software development kit to make things easier, but has obviously felt the need to show them the way.

The Puppy Pop game will be free to download through Google Play later today, July 23, but to get in on the puppy popping mayhem, you’ll need to own an LG G3 smartphone, and have it wrapped up inside the QuickCircle case.

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