The LG G3 is fairly waterproof, even if it’s not rated for it

If there’s one thing the LG G3 sorely lacks, it’s any sort of IP rating for dust or water resistance. As such, it’s natural to wonder whether LG’s latest flagship Android handset would be able to stand up to a splash or two. In a recent dunk test, YouTube user Harris Craycraft proves that the G3 can certainly stand up to water and still work just fine.

In the video below, he immersed his G3 underwater for exactly two hours to see what would happen, if anything at all. Once the two hours are up, he pulls the G3 from the water, only to realize that it works exactly as it did when it was dry. However, water did seep underneath the battery door, though water did not get to the battery itself, which is likely why LG did not give the G3 any sort of IP rating.

In addition, Craycraft used a bathroom sink to dunk his G3 into, which means the G3 was just a couple of inches into the water. In other words, the G3 will likely be just fine if you use it in the rain, though don’t expect it to survive an accidental drop into the pool.