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LG’s G4 Note could have a metal body, a mega selfie camera, and a super high-res 3K screen

The rumored G4 Note may end up as LG's first metal flagship Android phone

LG G3 bottom logo
LG used to make giant, square phablets before it struck gold with the 5.5-inch LG G3. Even though its screen size technically made it a phablet, the G3 looked like a normal-sized smartphone, thanks to the incredibly small bezels and the repositioned power button. Now it seems that LG may be working on another, more traditional phablet.

Updated on 03-23-2015 by Malarie Gokey: Added new report of metal body for the LG G4 Note.

Although LG will still release the G4 in the coming months, it may also introduce the G4 Note, the Korea Herald reported. During a meeting at Mobile World Congress, LG’s CEO Cho Ju-no apparently stated that LG will launch a device that’s even more high-end than the G4. Although he didn’t offer up any more details, it now seems that Cho was talking about a new phablet.

Will LG finally make an all-metal phone?

Samsung held out against the pressure to make a non-plastic phone for years, but it finally caved with the glass and metal Galaxy S6. HTC has long prided itself on the premium metal unibody of its One flagship line, as well. However, LG has thusfar bucked the trend toward metal smartphones. It’s G3 had an attractive plastic back that looked like metal, but was actually plastic.  Recently, a report from ZDNet Korea hinted LG wants to transition from plastic to metal, in order to keep up with its competition.

Of course, switching to metal isn’t easy for smartphone makers who are used to plastic, so most agree that the standard G4 won’t get the metal body. However, the LG G4 Note could end up with a metal back, the sources claim. Alternatively, there is a chance the G4 Note could have a mixed metal construction.

A 3K screen and other dizzying specs

According to the Korea Herald’s sources, the G4 Note phablet will pack a 5.5-inch screen with a 3K pixel resolution — a relatively meaningless term, but could equate to around 2880 x 1620 pixels — and pixel density of 600 pixels-per-inch, which is even higher than the 577ppi Samsung Galaxy S6. The device is said to sport a curved form factor, much like the G Flex line. An incredible 16-megapixel camera may grace the front of the phablet, taking selfies to new heights, while a wimpy 5-megapixel camera could sit on the back of the device. Something may have been lost in translation here, and we won’t be surprised if the figures don’t end up being reversed.

The main differences between this mystery phablet and the rumored specs we’ve heard for the G4 seem to be the camera’s focus on selfies and the screen resolution. It’s unclear whether the G4 Note will launch alongside the G4, or shortly after, and nothing is known about availability or price yet. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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