Magician Launches First Legal App-Store Alternative, YourAppShop

iphone-appsA new App store was announced today and it has nothing to do with Apple or Google. Companies all over the world can now have their own mobile app stores to sell any and all apps they choose to launch. YourAppShop is a new platform that offers a bountiful and legal alternative to iTunes. YourAppShop was created by magician Steve Sheraton of Hottrix, the same developer behind the popular iBeer and iSoda apps. Sheraton says he created YourAppShop out of frustration with Apple’s slow and picky approval process.

YourAppShop is based on a technology that is already being used for two other recently launched genre-specific app shops–the Premier App Shop, a store for magic trick apps and the Sex App Shop which features adult content and has already been downloaded more than 2 million times since launch.

“It’s amazingly simple for content owners to sign up, create an app and repurpose their content with our technology,” said Maria Gara, owner of Premier App Shop LLC. “The Premier App Shop was created out of our own need to find an alternative to iTunes. This means we did all the hard work so others can enjoy the benefits of having their own licensed, branded app store with the content they want, delivered when they want it.”

YourAppShop is available for license now by developers and content owners of all sizes and compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch.