Man loses job offer after texting naked selfies to HR manager

Lisa F. Young / Shutterstock

Probably not the smartest method of solidifying an offer of employment at a new workplace, an unnamed 23-year-old man had a tentative job offer rescinded after sending two naked selfies to the female human resources director within the company. According to the Chicago police report, the human resources manager of the unnamed St. Charles company received two nude photographs on her smartphone via text message between August 11 and August 13.

On August 14, the HR manager called the police to report the nude photographs as well as the identity of the sender. Apparently, she wasn’t aware who sent her the photos until the man called her, either to follow up on the job offer or to get her opinion on his capabilities as an amateur boudoir photographer. She recognized the number as well as his name via caller ID and informed the police immediately.

When police visited the man, he claimed that he sent the photos to the wrong number. The nude photos were supposedly intended for another individual, according to his account of the events. Of course, police advised him not to send any more nude photos to the HR manager. She did not to pursue legal action against the supposedly incompetent texter, but the man was also advised not to contact the company at all in the future.

According to Elmhurst Police Chief Michael Ruth, this isn’t the first sexting incident that his department has dealt with. Speaking with the Chicago Tribune, Ruth said, “We’re seeing it much more often now with our young people sending inappropriate photos of themselves. They’re sharing it with someone else and the next thing you know it takes on a life of its own.”