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Keep spare keys really safe inside this Bluetooth-connected key box

If you’re always at a loss as to where a spare set of keys can be safely left outside your house, then Master Lock has a high-tech, ultra-safe answer for you with its Bluetooth key box. It’s a safe for keys that fixes to the wall, and can only be accessed with a registered smartphone or by someone with the correct passcode. The really cool thing is, access to the box can be managed through an app, so you can give your contacts access, restrict opening times, or lock it down entirely.

The Master Lock app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, uses Bluetooth to authenticate access. Provided your phone is with you, and Bluetooth is active, the box opens with a press of a button. It doesn’t use NFC, so you don’t need to wave the phone about in front of the box, or require a different phone if it doesn’t come with an NFC feature. It avoids the need for many sets of keys to be cut, but as the key box is very versatile, it will help in several different scenarios.

Aside from letting in your kids, or friends, without the need to actually give them keys, the key box is great for giving workers or guests access to your house. By using either Bluetooth or a passcode, other people can open the box to retrieve the keys; but a time limit can be enforced, or permission canceled at any time. In an emergency, contacts in your phone can be given immediate access to the box. The app also lets you know if someone is trying to break open the key box, or tap in different codes.

Helpful enough in a family home, Master Lock’s Bluetooth key box makes good sense if you rent your property out through a service like Airbnb. The box is weather-proof, compact, and has a battery inside that lasts for two years. However, a key box is only helpful if there is a key inside it, so everyone will need to remember to put it back after using it. Master Lock’s Bluetooth key box is available in the U.S. through Amazon for $140, and has just been launched in the U.K. and Europe for 110 British pounds.

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