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Yale wants to keep your possessions safe with new smart delivery box, lock

The holiday season is just around corner, and Yale has released two products that are a perfect fit for this time of year: The Yale Smart Delivery Box and the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock. One keeps away porch pirates, while the other locks nosy relatives out of your medicine cabinet.

Package theft is on the rise, particularly as more and more people do their shopping online. The Yale Smart Delivery Box provides customers a way to store packages safely without fear that they will be stolen. This box can be placed outside wherever you commonly receive your packages, and would pair nicely with a well-placed outdoor security camera for added support.

The Smart Delivery Box remains in “Delivery” mode until a package has been placed inside it. Once the lid is closed, it will automatically lock and you’ll receive a notification informing you. The box can be unlocked from anywhere, so you can grant access should another package arrive on the same day.

You can also give access to anyone you want so that friends or family can stop by and retrieve the package if needed. The Smart Delivery Box can be tethered to your home or weighted down with sandbags to prevent the entire box from being stolen. If you expect to receive something perishable, it can be outfitted with an insulated cooler.

The Yale Smart Cabinet Lock helps you can keep your cabinets secure. The lock is installed inside cabinets and drawers. It can attach with either 3M adhesive tape, or screws for more security.

Whenever the cabinet is opened, you receive a notification through the Yale Access App. This is a great way to limit access to cabinets that have potentially dangerous or valuable items in them. If you have a vacation rental, the Yale Smart Cabinet Lock can provide guests with a secure way of storing their own valuables while they stay.

Both devices are available now from major retailers. The Yale Smart Delivery Box is $280 for the Wi-Fi model or $330 for the Wi-Fi and Smart Keypad model. The Smart Cabinet Lock is available for $80 with only Bluetooth, or $130 with Wi-Fi.

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