Forget the Nokia Lumia name, from now on it’s Microsoft Lumia all the way

microsoft lumia name official branding

It’s official: Nokia Lumia smartphones will from now on be known as Microsoft Lumia smartphones. The new name will also be used wherever the Nokia name can currently be found. Microsoft acquired Nokia’s Devices Division earlier in the year, meaning the transition has been a long time coming.

The news comes directly from Microsoft, through the Nokia Conversations blog, and follows several hints over the past week that the new branding would be introduced. According to the entry, which transcribes an interview with Microsoft’s Senior VP of Marketing for Phones, Tuula Rytila, Nokia’s websites and its social media channels are being altered first, before spreading to packaging, marketing materials used in retail stores, and of course, devices.

A partial image shows the top of a Lumia smartphone with Microsoft’s name under the speaker, the position where Nokia’s name would have previously been found. The same change will occur on the rear of Lumia phones, with the Microsoft name and Windows logo taking center stage.

Although there’s no official confirmation yet, apparently we should look out for the first Microsoft Lumia smartphone soon. The recently announced Lumia 830 and Lumia 735 will continue on as they are, presumably with the Nokia name intact, but whether this is gradually phased out as new stock is produced remains to be seen.

Microsoft has also promised to “honor customer warranties” and provide “world class care services” to all existing Nokia device owners, and will support the hardware with ongoing software updates, where applicable. Does this mean the end of the Nokia name? No. Microsoft owns the license, and will continue to use the name on entry-level feature phones, such as the Nokia 130. Nokia itself still survives, but no longer makes phones. Instead, it concentrates on developing Here Maps, and working on network infrastructure.