Microsoft's curvy Word Flow keyboard makes it easier to type

microsoft word flow 2 update
It was well known that Microsoft had plans to bring its popular Windows Phone keyboard, Word Flow, to iOS, and the only issue was when. Well, we don’t need to wait any longer for an answer — you can download the keyboard on the App Store now.

Microsoft opened up registration to access the beta version of the iOS app earlier in April, and an email leak said the company had plans to bring it to other platforms, including Android.

Word Flow, developed by Microsoft Garage, the company’s experimental division, offers a swipe style of input — the likes of which can be seen on numerous other apps, such as Google Keyboard, Swype, and SwiftKey. But where Word Flow stands out is in its one-handed typing mode, which Microsoft calls “Arc mode,” as it curves the keyboard into an arc — making it easier to access with a thumb.

Word Flow also offers next word predictions, and introduces a host of customization options that affect the look and feel of the app. A lot of SwiftKey’s technology was integrated into Word Flow after the Redmond company purchased the keyboard maker for $250 million earlier this year.

Under Satya Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft has been publishing app after app on operating systems other than its own. Outlook, Mimicker Alarm, Fetch! and Cortana are just a few the company has introduced to Android and iOS, and Word Flow isn’t Microsoft’s first keyboard either.

Recently, the firm unveiled Hub on iOS and Android, a productivity-oriented keyboard app that lets users quickly access your clipboard, documents, contacts, and even offers instant translation.

You can download Word Flow for iOS on the App Store, but do note that right now it’s not available in Europe.

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