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Smarten up your old-fashioned watch with the Montblanc Twin Smart Strap

If you haven’t joined the smartwatch revolution yet, you’ve likely got a good reason for doing so. Maybe you’re really attached to your watch, and replacing it with a new device seems wrong when your current timepiece functions just as well for telling the time or finding north without a compass. German luxury watch manufacturer Montblanc has heard your keening cries and introduced the Twin Smart Strap, which can turn most classic watches into a smart device, capable of step tracking, digital payments, and more.

The Montblanc Twin Smart Strap is formed of two different parts — the comfortable watch strap, and a smart module with a curved screen. The strap is made from a high-quality rubber composite and topped with a variety of materials to match the user’s style, with black calf leather, vintage brown calf leather, black nylon, and black and grey striped nylon options available at launch. It also comes in 20mm and 22mm versions, meaning it should be able to connect to most male watch horns.

The smart module itself sits within the strap’s mechanical clasp, is made from high-quality stainless steel, and comes with an IP68-rating to help it resist rainwater and other accidental dips. The smart module’s screen is a curved monochrome AMOLED display, sitting underneath what Montblanc refers to as “elegant protective glass.” Users will be able to read notifications from the Twin’s display, will give LED and vibration alerts, and will be able to use NFC payment services with Montblanc Pay — a new payment service that Montblanc tells us was developed with Mastercard and Visa.

Users will use the iOS companion app to connect up to five cards for Montblanc Pay, as well as accessing the strap’s more in-depth features. A feature called “Memories” will sync up with the user’s iPhone, copying calendar events into the app, and connecting associated images. Montblanc says it hopes flicking back through Memories will create a deep emotional bond between users and the device. There has been no mention of an Android app at this time, and we have reached out to Montblanc for comment on this.

The Montblanc Twin Smart Strap will be available from Montblanc in August, with prices starting at 390 euros (around $455).

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