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Mophie’s new charging station, external battery packs keep devices powered

Mophie wants to make it easier for you to charge your devices, and has announced a variety of new charging solutions, including a wireless charger and a range of external batteries.

Like the rest of the new products, the Charge Force Powerstation is an external battery, but it’s able to charge devices wirelessly. The device features a massive 10,000mAh battery, and is compatible with all of Mophie’s Charge Force battery cases for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S series. With the device, you can also go the old-school route with the built-in USB port.

“From software to hardware, developments in mobile tech happen daily,” said Mophie co-founder and President Shawn Dougherty in a statement. “The one remaining constant is anxiety over keeping our devices powered. Today, this affects more people than ever, so we innovate 24/7 with this in mind.”

Apart from the Charge Force Powerstation, a range of other external batteries have also been announced. The Powerstation USB-C, as the name suggests, features both a USB-C and a USB-A port, as well as a huge 10,000mAh battery. The Powerstation USB-C costs $100.

Next up is the Powerstation Plus, which comes in three models. The Powerstation Plus Mini has a 4,000mAh battery, the Powerstation Plus has a 6,000mAh battery, and the Powerstation Plus XL has a 12,000mAh battery. The Powerstation Plus starts at $60, and offers Mophie’s switch-tip design, which makes it compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.

Last but not least is the standard Powerstation, which also comes in a number of different models. The Powerstation Mini has a 3,000mAh battery, the standard Powerstation a 6,000mAh battery, the Powerstation XL a 10,000mAh battery, and the Powerstation XXL a huge 20,000mAh battery. The Powerstation starts at $30.

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