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Moshi launches 10-year warranty for all its products, reveals several new items

In a nod to long-term environmental awareness, Moshi has initiated a 10-year global warranty for its entire product line, past and present. The maker of high-end accessories and peripherals for Apple and Android announced the warranty policy overhaul at the CES 2020, where it also launched several new products, the first to carry the new warranty terms.

“We’re sadly living in a time of cheap and fast products,” said Spencer Pangborn, Moshi’s director of marketing, “the production and consumption of which has a big impact on the environment. We’re trying to do our part by producing long-lasting products to offset the single-use mindset.”

The new warranty interval applies to products purchased and registered now and over the past 10 years. All Moshi products currently covered by its two-year warranty can now be upgraded to 10 years as long as customers had previously registered the product, while products purchased and registered from this point on are covered under the new terms. Items are not covered if they are damaged due to accident, abuse, misuse, or poor maintenance, and you still can’t make warranty claims for cosmetic damage or ordinary wear and tear.

Moshi’s global warranty covers all product categories and geographical regions. However, Moshi says it may not be able to replace lithiu- ion batteries in regions where it or authorized distributors do not sell them — at least for the time being. The company says it is working on a way to offer lithium-ion battery replacements in all regions for the near future.

New products, new warranty

Moshi snap to wireless charger

Among the first products to carry this 10-year warranty is Moshi’s new SnapTo Wireless Charger, which uses magnets to snap on to the back of your phone for charging. The device ships with a wall mount, allowing you to leave your device attached for overnight charging. It charges up to 10 watts, and Moshi claims that the magnets will not interfere with the device’s sensors and radios. It is available now for $50 on Moshi’s website.

Moshi Lounge Q

Moshi’s new Lounge Q, a wireless charger and stand for your smartphone, promises to deliver up to 15W of power and supports Apple (7.5 W) and Samsung (9 W) fast-charging. The product features an adjustable stand to accommodate a variety phone sizes and can charge in both portrait and landscape positions. Lounge Q, in fossil gray color, will be available in mid-April for $70 on Moshi’s site and from other retailers.

Moshi IonGo 5K Grey cable

Moshi’s newest compact portable battery, the IonGo 5K Duo, is compatible with both USB-C and Lightning ports. It’s made from sustainable vegan leather, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. With the same battery technology now used in electric vehicles, its cells are optimized for charging, discharging, and low internal resistance, and are designed to retain 80% battery capacity after 500 charge cycles.

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