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Moto X Force rumors: The tough phone may launch this December with high-end specs

motorola may debut moto bounce in december version 1441041305
Ever lose your grip and watch in horror as your smartphone tumbles to the pavement and shatters in a million directions? Motorola feels your pain, apparently. The Lenovo subsidiary will soon launch a shock-absorbing complement to the Moto X Style capable of sustaining all manner of bumps, bruises, and scuffs … or scratches, at the very least.

The handset, appropriately dubbed the Moto X Force and codenamed Moto Bounce, purportedly features a shatter-proof glass and takes a few cues from Motorola’s refreshed Moto X series.

Here’s everything we know so far about what could be Motorola’s hottest phone of the year.

Updated on 09-10-2015 by Robert Nazarian: Added in leaked images and pricing.

High-end specs

In early September, @upleaks reported that the Moto X Force would get a 5.43-inch QHD display, up to 64GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, a 21-megapixel camera, a 3760mAh battery, and a slight processor upgrade from Motorola’s current-generation flagship — the quad-core Snapdragon 810 versus the Style’s dual-core Snapdragon 808.

We’re also expecting a front-facing flash for the selfie cam, based on leaked images. It’s unclear what the resolution of the front-facing camera will be, though.

Similar to the Moto X Style in design

Leaked Images from early September show the same elongated rear camera module, curved back, and button arrangement as found on the Moto X Style. However, you will notice two speaker grills at the bottom of the device. It’s not clear if these are indeed two separate speakers or one speaker made to look like two speakers.

There also appears to be a decent amount of room between the display and the speaker grills. It’s possible this space is reserved for a fingerprint scanner, but that’s speculation at this point. It’s also unclear whether the phone pictured above will be as rugged as previously expected. The pictures look more like a modified Moto X than a truly rugged phone. Still, it could use tougher materials or be waterproof, unlike the regular Moto X Style.

Pricing & Availability

According to @upleaks, Motorola’s planning a December unveiling, and it will be be available in Europe and China. However, we could see it a little sooner here in the States. The Moto X Force is expected to be released on Verizon Wireless as the Droid Turbo 2. Traditionally, Verizon releases Droid phones in the October to November time frame.

Pricing is expected to be 4000 CNY, which would put it at roughly $627.

If the Moto X Force rumors come to fruition, it wouldn’t be Motorola’s first ruggedized phone rodeo. The smartphone maker debuted the Droid Turbo, a souped-up version of the 2014 Moto X with thick, soft-touch rubber padding, late last year, and in 2012 launched the dustproof and water resistant Defy Pro. But the landscape’s grown increasingly competitive.

Manufacturing company Caterpillar released the Military-rated Cat S40, which can withstand drops up to six feet without breaking, in July. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 active is dustproof, water-resistant, and packs a protective sheath to shield against impacts. And Sony’s upcoming Xperia Z5 is, like its predecessors, expected to sport a waterproof design.

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