Take $140 off the Moto X or $50 off the Moto 360 during next week’s Motorola promo

Motorola X back camera angle 3

No, #Motolove might not be something you consented to, but it’s hard to argue with Motorola’s way of showing affection by discounting $500 and $250 purchases by $140 and $50, respectively.

The promotion, only available next Monday, February 2, will come in the form of 200,000 promo codes distributed to those who register ahead of time. If you register in time, you have until Valentine’s Day, February 14 to use the code. For those who aren’t able to register, Motorola will still offer $100 off a $500 purchase or $35 off a $250 purchase. That promotion, which runs from February 3 through Valentine’s Day, will not need a promo code.

Both promotions apply only to the second generation Moto X and Moto G, Moto G 4G LTE, Moto E, and Moto 360. Unfortunately, the offers exclude the Nexus 6, second generation Moto X on Republic Wireless, which goes for $400, and Motorola’s Extended Service Plan, which acts as an extended warranty for Motorola devices. In addition, keep in mind they’re not stackable, nor can you get more than two devices.

If you’re fine with those stipulations, all you have to do now is register and play the waiting game!