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Motorola Xoom confirmed for Thursday release, no Flash support at launch


A Best Buy pre-order page for the Motorola Xoom tablet popped up over the weekend, confirming CEO Sanjay Jha’s previously announced $799 price point and pegging the release date for this Thursday, February 24. The release date was confirmed by a similar Verizon Wireless product page, along with an added note nestled deep in the fine print: there will be no support for Adobe Flash at launch.

This is the first we’re hearing of the launch feature omission, so it’s okay to be surprised. The confirmation is very difficult to see unless you’re looking for it. The infographic posted on the Verizon website lists the devices key features in bullet points, with one reading “1 GHz dual-core processor and fully Flash-enabled* for video-rich web.” Take careful note of that asterisk. In exceedingly tiny print at the bottom of the image, a footnote read: “Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011.” The delay can probably be pegged to the coming of Adobe Flash version 10.2, which will add mobile support to the web-based content platform.

The $799 Xoom comes equipped with a GSM/CDMA radio and an attached string stating that all buyers must purchase a minimum one month data plan activation on the Verizon network. In his price confirmation at last week’s Mobile World Congress Jha also confirmed the coming of a $600 Wi-Fi-only Xoom. There’s no mention of the cheaper version on Best Buy’s pre-order page and no confirmation of its technical specifications from anyone, meaning that those hoping to pick up a Xoom this Thursday had best be planning on making use of a Verizon data plan.

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