Mvox Duo Combines Headset, Speakerphone

At the DEMOFall ’06 conference in San Diego this week, mobile comnuniations device maker Mvox has debuts its Mvox Duo Communicator, which combines a wireless wearable headset with speakerphone capability and speech recognition technology to give mobile professionals that extra edge when dealing with all their not-really-compatible mobile gadgets and communications needs.

The Mvox Duo Communicator offers one-touch speech recognition voice dialing to make both inbound and outbound calling easier (especially while driving); Mvox claims their speech technology offers near flawless recognition. The Duo Communicator’s design offers noise and echo cancellation through patent-pending small array microphone technology, by which two small array mics create a three dimensional voice cone which grabs the speaker’s voice but omits most background noise and echoes. The Duo can be connected to a PC via USB or Bluetooth to act as either a speakphone or a wireless headset for VoIP applications, and includes the Mvox Wizard which aims to take some of the wizardry out of using a wireless headset device by walking the user through creating and managing their contact list, along with troubleshooting and repair help. The Mvox Duo Communicator can be worn over the aer, clipped to a lapel or collar, worn on a lanyward, or placed on a table or other surface. Mvox says the built-in speakerphone outperforms the best speakers built into mobile phones with speakphone functions.

“The Mvox Duo offers a versatile, real world solution that will appeal to just about every DEMO attendee, including myself. I am amazed at how much functionality is packed into this tiny device,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMOfall. “The ability to only carry one device will eliminate the clutter I have to take with me everywhere, while making it safer to answer and make important phone calls when on the road.”

No pricing and availability information has been released yet—it is DEMOfall, people, not AlreadyInStoresFall—but we expect the unit will cost a pretty penny. But, really, all that saved time and aggravation would be worth it, yes?