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Magnifico! Solve your spaghetti problem with Native Union’s smart, stylish charging hub

Everyone already knows having charging cables strewn around the floor is not only ugly, but unsafe too. Yet many existing solutions to the problem — multi-port charging stations, cable tidies that replace a few thin leads with one massive one — aren’t exactly ideal, or particularly attractive. Native Union, a brand that knows plenty about making everyday tech accessories better looking, has come up with the Eclipse, a USB charging hub that is more lifestyle than no-style.

It’s a circular hub with three USB ports inside, and the clever part is, all the associated cable length can be wound up inside, keeping everything neat and tidy. Wait, you’re thinking, what if you all of a sudden need a few extra feet of cable? Is it a pain to remove? No, says Native Union. The cables can extend out to their full length without a problem, and be wound around inside again when you don’t need it. All it takes is a tap on the top to open it up.

It comes with its own power cable, braided for protection and toughness like other Native Union cables, and it stretches for four feet. Only one power socket is needed to charge up three devices, but unlike some other multi-USB sockets, the Eclipse has plenty of power. It has a total amp output of 7.8A, providing up to 2.6A of power for each plugged-in device, while smartly giving the right amount of power to each device. If it fast charges using 2.4A, that’s what it gets. One USB port inside the Eclipse has a slider switch to convert it over to USB-C configuration, effectively future proofing the charging hub.

Finally, the Eclipse has a light built into the base, activated with a tap on the top surface, to help locate it in a dark room. Aside from its own power cable, the Eclipse doesn’t come with any power cables, so you’ll have to supply your own. Also, it’ll only deal with three devices at a time — Native Union says it has researched this, and found on average people own six devices, but only charge three daily.

The Eclipse hides all it’s tech inside a very stylish disk-shaped hub, that comes in either taupe with walnut wood, or marine colors with cherry wood, that will look perfectly at home on most desks or bedside tables. It can also be wall mounted. Additionally, and for peace of mind, the Eclipse has clever circuitry to avoid overheating.

Native Union has turned to Kickstarter to get the Eclipse on sale. The campaign begins today with a goal of $50,000, with each Eclipse starting at $50 if you’re quick to get involved, or $60 if you miss out on the early bird offers. Provided it’s successful, the Eclipse will be delivered in April 2017.

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