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Nestle mocks Apple in ‘confectionary perfectionary’ KitKat 4.4 ad

nestle mocks apple in kitkat 4 ad

No sooner had Google announced KitKat 4.4 as the name of the next version of its Android OS than Nestle rolled out an ad promoting the tie-up, and a pretty entertaining one at that.

The company’s gone for a humorous angle, talking about its famous candy bar like it’s a new smartphone while at the same time making fun of Apple and the ads it always releases with new products; you know, the ones featuring design chief Jony Ive.

Nestle’s 70-second effort stars KitKat’s ‘chief breaks officer’, Christopher Catlin, speaking with the same British accent and dulcet tones as Ive, at the same time borrowing heavily from the glossary of terms that feature so often in Apple’s ads.

“Every corner, every edge, every finger of every bar has been carefully considered and crafted to create a beautifully immersive and multi-sensory experience,” Catlin says at the start, before going into detail about the candy bar’s design.

android kitkat

You’ll be pleased to know, for example, that “with adjustable orientation, it works perfectly in portrait or landscape for a truly panoramic taste experience.”

Catlin describes the bar as “confectionary perfectionary” (resolutionary, anyone?), and trumpets it as “the perfect second-screen companion” as it’s “compatible with all liquid accessories.”

There are a couple of corny lines we could have done without, however, including talk of “two mega bites [and] four mega bites”, but on the whole it’s a decent effort, and one that should make Apple’s next Ive video all the more fun to watch when the company launches its new iPhones next week.

Nestle is evidently going all out to make the most of its Google tie-up, with plans to sell 50 million Android-branded KitKats around the world. The company says it will also make a limited number bars in the shape of Google’s Android ‘robot’ logo. Bet you can’t wait.

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