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Get your apps to load faster with Neumob’s new iOS app

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Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
It may be the epitome of a first world problem, but there’s little that causes more consternation than an app that just won’t load, or one that shuts down as soon as it opens. And if you’re finding yourself spending more time than usual trying to get your apps to work properly, it may be time to download yet another app. But this one promises to improve app performance and decrease load times by up to 10 times for iPhone users, regardless of who your carrier may be. Meet Neumob, which features app acceleration for a mobile-first world.

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The free app, which comes on the heels of Neumob’s Android app release back in 2015, promises to do away with the pesky problem of slow-loading iOS applications. Neumob’s iOS app is designed to grant users instant access the “world’s fastest mobile Internet and app accelerator.” All you have to do to stymie your app frustration is launch Neumob on your phone, whereupon you’ll be routing all traffic through the app’s global network, which specializes in mobile app acceleration. This, the company promises, will take care of all performance issues, so you no longer have to wait and your apps no longer have to crash.

“Apps are the center of the mobile experience, but far too often, app performance fails,” said Neumob CEO, Jeff Kim. “Our mission is to provide people with the fastest and best performing apps, regardless of device, network or where they are in the world. We’re excited to offer consumers the opportunity to make their mobile app experiences enjoyable again, while simultaneously strengthening our enterprise solution.”

The iOS app supplements Neumob’s flagship product, the Neumob Accelerator, which helps app developers and owners improve their products’ performances simply by installing two lines of code. This grants them instantaneous access to Neumob’s six continent-strong network, boasting over 60 points of presence in cities around the globe. The Neumob app, the company says, will “further strengthen Neumob’s network by increasing the breadth and depth of data to measure and detect wireless health worldwide.”

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