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No Nexus 6 from LG, according to company executive

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A few months ago, it was rumored that Google would tap LG once more to make the Nexus 6. Unfortunately, in interviews with Dutch website Draadbreuk and Android Police, LG global communications director Ken Hong confirmed that the company doesn’t have a Nexus device in the pipeline.

Talking to the Dutch website, Hong said that LG would have been informed by now if it was in charge of making the next Nexus smartphone. “That can mean two things: either I got ignored, or we simply won’t be making [the Nexus 6],” said Hong. He elaborated his point further with Android Police, saying that, “As of today, there are no Nexus devices in our immediate pipeline.”

Back during MWC 2014, Google’s Sundar Pichai confirmed that the Nexus 6 will be released no sooner than June, which would mean that not informing LG by now would be cutting it dangerously close. At the same time, LG played this game before. Last year, the company denied any involvement in the Nexus 5, and we all know how that panned out.

As for whether LG is part of the rumored Android Silver program, Google’s rumored attempt to further control the Android ecosystem, Hong said that he could not “confirm or deny LG’s involvement in any program which to date has only been speculation.” Interestingly, famed gadget leaker evleaks revealed that LG is making one of the first Android Silver handsets.

In terms of precedent, we’d like to think LG has something up its sleeve, but we’ll have to wait to see exactly what that might be.

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