Nokia will be at Microsoft’s Build event on April 2, could bring new Lumia phones along

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Mere moments before HTC unveiled the new HTC One M8, Nokia sent out early warning about its own special event, which will take place next week. Followers of the Nokia Twitter account will have seen its own little jab at HTC too, as it tweeted “Why go for One when you get more.” Oh, those little devils. Nokia will hold its event on April 2 in San Francisco, a date which will ring a bell with tech fans. Why? It’s the first day of Microsoft’s Build developer conference.

Nokia April 2 InvitationSure enough, Nokia will hold its event at Build. This time last week, we’d have expected it to be a glitzy celebration of Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s Devices division. However, we’ve since been informed of a delay, and the process isn’t going to be completed until later in April. It seems unlikely we’ll get the whole story at Build, then, but luckily we are promised something a little more exciting than solely business talk.

Over at Nokia’s official Conversations blog, we’re told the company has various treats lined up for us, and closes with the words “remember, you can always do more Lumia.” We’ll take a wild guess and say the firm will launch some new Windows Phone-powered Lumia devices on the day. Not only that, but as Microsoft is expected to reveal Windows Phone 8.1, these new phones should come with the latest version of the software installed.

Rumors had already spread of an April Nokia event, but with a later date attached. Since its MWC 2014 line-up was all about the new Nokia X family, we’ve been expecting some new Lumia phones ever since. If existing speculation turns out to be correct, we could see the Lumia 530, the Lumia 630, and the Lumia 930 announced. We’ll be back with all the Nokia news from the event next week.

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