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Noki-arrr launches the Treasure Tag, a location tracker for forgetful pirates

Nokia Treasure Tag

Noki-arrr, sorry, Nokia, has announced a new product. It’s called the Treasure Tag, and it’s perfect for forgetful pirates who don’t want to mislay their treasure chests, galleon, or parrot. Don’t worry though, landlubbers who have never even selected “pirate” as the default language on Facebook can still buy one too.

The Treasure Tag is a small, square box which falls into Nokia’s growing range of accessories rather than its Lumia line-up of smartphones. It measures 30 x 30 x 10mm, a size which makes a book of matches look a bit too big. It can be clipped to a bag, slipped into a pocket, attached to your keys, or placed inside your wallet, ready to sound an alarm if you leave any of them behind.

How does it know it has been forgotten? Treasure Tags link to your smartphone using Bluetooth or NFC. The distance between them is monitored closely, and an alarm rings out should they lose contact. If you don’t hear either alarm, or the item is stolen, the location of a Treasure Tag can be tracked through an app.

Nokia has written a dedicated Treasure Tag app for its Windows Phone hardware, and four different tags can be linked to a Lumia smartphone. Each tag can be allocated its own Live Tile, which shows a picture of the protected product, plus information on its whereabouts. Tag locations are tracked using Here Maps. Initially only for Windows Phone, Nokia says an iOS and Android app will be available from a third-party in the future.

Each Treasure Tag is powered by a standard coin-type battery which will provide six months of use before it needs to be replaced, and the little boxes will come in four colors: Yellow, white, cyan, and black. One Treasure Tag will cost $30 and you’ll be able to buy them in April. Dedicated Nokia-watchers may recall the Treasure Tag was leaked last year, showing us this product has been in development for some time.

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