The NYPD commissioner doesn’t like phone encryption, either

nypd commissioner pushes legislation smartphone encryption
Even though Congress already told FBI director James Comey that forcing companies to decrypt their phones isn’t something they will do, the crusade won’t end there. New York City police commissioner William Bratton is joining Comey in vocalizing his frustration over companies encrypting their phones, primarily Apple and Google, reported The Daily News.

Much like Comey, Bratton justified his disdain for phone encryption, saying that it hinders crime investigations. “It does a terrible disservice to the public, ultimately, and to law enforcement, initially,” said Bratton. “It really does impede our investigation of crimes.” Bratton also took some time to blast Apple and Google for enabling such encryption. “For them to consciously, for profit and gain, to thwart those legal constitutional efforts, shame on them.”

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance echoed Bratton’s statements, saying that his office is currently in conversations with Apple and Google. “This is a major step in the wrong direction for the companies,” said Vance. “Many of the victims are going to be their own customers. I understand and respect the importance of having privacy in our lives. I think that the balance, however … can’t be one where saving people’s lives, solving serious crimes from child abuse to terrorism, is the price we have to pay for blanket privacy.”

It doesn’t look like the topic of phone encryption will die down anytime soon.

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