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A bot on Amazon is making the oddest smartphone cases you’ll ever see

odd smartphone cases
Image used with permission by copyright holder
The range of smartphone covers and cases on the market today is certainly mind boggling, but finding one that suits your style and feels good in the hand can still prove something of a challenge.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect smartphone cover but feel you’ve exhausted all avenues of research, then as a last resort you might want to check out the growing range of offerings from My Handy Design.

While mostly utterly abysmal, there may be something among its oddball collection that catches your eye and persuades you to part with $23.70. Though, to be honest, there probably won’t be.

It seems that a very busy bot is creating the basic plastic cases using random images already online. My Handy Design offers more than 20 pages of them, with more being added all the time. If nothing else, they’ll give you a giggle.

Check out the charming “porcelain teeth dental bridge” design (below), and the “polystyrene thermal insulation of house wall” case for an iPhone. It says there’s “only one left in stock” though that’s probably because they only made one.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Or how about the “adult diaper worn by an old man with a crutch” for the iPhone 6? This one has managed to achieve an average three-star rating, with one buyer thanking My Handy Case for “letting me be edgy and stand out among all the sheep.”

Among the wacky designs you’ll also find an “ingrown toenail with dressing” cover, “toilet paper tube collections,” “vet and dog microchip insert,” and even a “handgun in a nightstand drawer” — that one’s on sale at just $15.89.

There’s quite a few not-safe-for-work choices, too, so take care if you decide to hit the site to choose your next smartphone case.

The range of designs is impressive if nothing else, with the bot apparently pulling random images from a database — likely a photo stock site — and using the included descriptions to create its own.

Among the mass of offerings, you may find something that appeals, though if you’re serious about protecting your smartphone with a case or cover, then how about checking out Digital Trends’ top tips on how to select one that’s right for you and your mobile device.

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