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Your OnePlus phone will be delivered in an hour, or it'll cost you absolutely nothing

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Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
Can’t wait to get your OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X smartphone delivered? If you live in London, it could be worth hoping for a traffic jam or two, because the company is offering a 60-minute delivery service where if it’s even a minute late arriving, the phone won’t cost you anything at all.

OnePlus has teamed up with Henchman, an on-demand delivery service that promises to get any item at all delivered to you, meaning eager buyers wait no longer than an hour before the phone is in their hands.

The order process is a little different to usual (and no, we’re not going to suddenly start talking about those pesky invitations), in that it’s done through Henchman’s website, and not the OnePlus store. In addition to the advantage of that super-fast delivery, you may be in line to get a cool limited edition free gift bag with OnePlus goodies.

Also, if you decide to pick up the gorgeous OnePlus X, one person will get the Ceramic limited edition model, instead of the standard OnePlus X Onyx. It doesn’t do anything different, but there’s on denying the finish is something very special. There’s no change on the prices, even with the one-hour delivery, so a OnePlus 2 will cost £290 and the OnePlus X £200, unless you select one of the higher storage capacity models.

Henchman’s delivery service stretches across London, but there will only be a few phones available on January 21, although OnePlus says it will keep the stock topped up at various points during the day. Head over to Henchman’s website here to order a phone that’ll be with you less than an hour later, or it’ll be free.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this kind of fast delivery service for a smartphone. OnePlus did the same thing in India late last year, and before that, Xiaomi teamed up with Uber to hand-deliver the Mi Note smartphone to buyers in Singapore and Malaysia.

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