These pants can wirelessly charge your Nokia Lumia phone

pants can wirelessly charge nokia lumia phone charging

British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage and Microsoft have teamed up to bestow upon us the world’s first pair of pants that can wirelessly charge your smartphone, so long as you’re a fan of Nokia’s Lumia lineup.

According to Sauvage, he began experimenting with wearable technology six months ago before deciding to team up with Microsoft. The pants use technology from the Nokia DC-50 portable wireless charging plate, which was disassembled and reassembled within one of the front pockets.

The project didn’t go by without hiccups. Talking to Business Insider, Sauvage said engineering the pants involved trial and error. “Having something that you could wear without the technology feeling cumbersome was a challenge,” said Sauvage. “It was also difficult to distribute the heat so that the wearer wouldn’t feel like they were in a sauna.”

The pants will be available for purchase through Amazon for the next three months. While there’s no set price point yet, Sauvage said the pants will cost “over $340.” That’s pricy for any pair of pants, but for those who really want to charge their Lumia handsets without having to resort to a power pack and look stylish doing it, this might be something to look at. Of course, if you’re one of 97 percent of smartphone owners who don’t have a Lumia, you’ll have to look elsewhere.