Paris Hilton Goes Mobile Gaming

Who will buy this it is hard to say, but mobile games publisher Gameloft today said they’d partnered with Paris Hilton Entertainment to “develop, publish and distribute mobile games based on heiress and pop culture icon, Paris Hilton”. The first Paris Hilton mobile game will debut this summer.

Under the terms of the agreement, said Gameloft, they will produce a series of mobile games featuring Hilton and her likeness. The first title will be geared towards tweens/teens and fans of the infamous blonde. More specifics then that, such as what one can actually expect out of a game like this, were not detailed.

Hilton is not the first celebrity to get the mobile phone maker over from Gameloft. Previous recipients have included baseball star Derek Jeter, golf pro Vijay Singh and European soccer star Djibril Cisse.

“I’m excited to collaborate with Gameloft to bring the Paris Hilton brand and the glamour of young Hollywood to the cell phones of all my fans around the world,” said Hilton in a statement. “My phone has become an all in one entertainment device and mobile games are an integral part of that. Mobile gaming is really hot right now and I’m excited to be part of this project.”