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Peanut’s new “Pages” feature brings moms together on one discussion platform

Peanut — the app for iOS and Android that connects moms with other like-minded moms — officially launched its new feature called “Pages.” It allows moms to ask questions, share their knowledge, and come together to help each other out all on one forum.

Available in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, Peanut uses a smart algorithm to match moms and moms-to-be based on common interests, values, the age of their children, to other moms in the area.

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Users can also message each other whether it’s one on one or with a group of up to 20 other moms. There is also the option to create meetups that are easily integrated into your calendar.

The new Pages feature is meant to provide additional support under a wide variety of topics. Aside from motherhood, users can start different discussions on topics like love, sex, travel, health, work, and more.

After logging in, tap on the book icon on the bottom toolbar next to the discovery and chat features. From there, you will be able to add your own questions and photos by drafting a post, selecting the topic you want it under, and then publishing it.

Similar to the way you can start polls in Peanut to decide on the best times for meetups, you can also start different polls in the Pages feature and let others vote on the answer. That way, you can expand on the poll by starting conversations in the comments to hear a variety of answers.

For those who feel shy or embarrassed by their question, there is the option to post anonymously. Users can take comfort in knowing the posters and commenters are moderated as well, regardless of if they are posting incognito.

To make the experience more personal, Pages uses a smart algorithm to prioritize topics that are the most relevant to your life and your community. Users will also be able to see trending content based on location, in order to encourage moms to meet up and discuss the topics both on the app and off. The more you use the app, the more curated your content will be to your interests.

Users will also have a notification screen as well, which shows new connections made through the app and when someone “likes” or comments on their post in Pages. Additionally, users who are most active on Pages will be rewarded for sharing their experiences with special profile tags.

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