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Watch the Galaxy S22 Ultra survive getting run over by a car

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might just be the most durable phone Samsung has ever released if some of the most recent durability tests are to be believed.

YouTube channel PBKreviews tested both the S22 and the S22 Ultra and graded each device based on how resilient they were to a gauntlet of torture tests. After performing a plethora of tests including scratching the phones with a boxcutter and submerging them underwater, PBKreviews rated both new devices highly, with the S22 scoring a 10/10 and the S22 Ultra scoring a 9.5/10.

Both Samsung phones held up relatively well, only damaged by a boxcutter on the weaker plastic components and when their screens were tested with particularly sharp picks. The most shocking moment in the reviews, however, was when the S22 Ultra was run over by a car with the screen facing down.

When turned over, while certainly scratched, the screen was still functioning without being shattered, and the phone didn’t sustain any major internal injuries. In fact, despite being run over, there seemed to be no bending to the phone’s body, proving Samsung’s marketing claiming that the S22 series features the company’s strongest aluminum frame to date.

Although it’s not out of the question for a phone to be run over by a car, a far more likely concern is that the Galaxy S22 series’ screens could be scratched up to the point of not recognizing fingerprints in the finger scanner. As proven on both the S22 and the S22 Ultra torture tests, the devices can still properly read fingerprints after sustaining major scratches to the scanning area.

Durability has always been a major selling point for technology, as new devices can be pricey. However, phone durability is of the utmost importance to many buyers given how frequently phones are put in danger. With less than two weeks until the Galaxy S22 series launches, plenty of prospective buyers are hoping that the new line is just as durable as the Fold 3 and Flip 3 were proven to be last year, and so far, it looks like these hopes have been confirmed.

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