Samsung’s new Power Sharing Cable will let your devices charge each other

samsung micro usb power sharing cable

Anyone who’s ever owned a smartphone or a smartwatch has run out of battery at one point or another. You could of course, carry your charger around with you, but what happens if you bring three devices with you every day? There’s now a solution. Samsung has created an ingenious charging cable that lets your devices charge each other.

The Power Sharing Cable has a Micro USB at each end, so you can connect your smartphone to your tablet or smartwatch and charge whichever device needs a little more juice. The cable will never completely drain your device’s battery either, but will only transfer the amount you need.

Luckily, it’s easy to set up power sharing and control how much power you transfer. Once you’ve got the cable, all you have to do is download the Power Sharing app from Samsung Apps or the Google Play store and choose how much power you want to transfer. Then, you plug one end of the cable into the device you want to charge and the other end into the gadget you want to take the power from.

Samsung says the cable can only draw power from the following Galaxy devices, so you’re somewhat limited. Only the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Galaxy Tab S 8.4, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Avant, and Galaxy Note 4 can serve as power hubs at the moment. You can charge any Micro USB device, including smartwatches, though. The Power Sharing Cable should be particularly helpful to those who own a smartwatch, since wearables are notorious for short battery life. However, if your smartwatch requires a special charging cradle, you’re out of luck.

The Power Sharing Cable is available for purchase on Samsung’s website for $20.