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Does the Samsung Galaxy A54 have wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A54 is Samsung’s latest addition to its excellent midrange A-series smartphones. While we’ve yet to spend a good amount of time with it, we’re optimistic this cut-price king is likely to be a great option if you want a smartphone for just $450. But what does the wireless charging situation look like?

A lower price often means some features end up on the cutting room floor, and wireless charging is often one of those features first on the cost-saving block. If you’re a fan of the convenience of wireless charging, you’ll want to make sure your new phone supports your favored charging method. So, does the Samsung Galaxy A54 have wireless charging?

The Samsung Galaxy A54 does not have wireless charging

The green and purple Galaxy A54's camera modules.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

It’s bad news, we’re afraid; the Samsung Galaxy A54 does not have wireless charging. Unfortunately, wireless charging isn’t a necessary feature, so it’s always high up on the list of features to leave out when companies aim for a lower price. It’s unfortunate but often expected by those who hunt for great phones on a budget.

The lack of a wireless charging coil also means you won’t have access to Samsung’s reverse wireless charging PowerShare feature as well, so you won’t be able to top up smaller accessories like the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro using your phone’s battery. Instead, you’ll be relying on wired charging to keep your smartphone topped up. Thankfully, it has a respectable 25W charging rate, the same as the Samsung Galaxy S23. It’s far from the fastest charging available today, but it’s still fast enough to top your phone up quickly.

How good is the Samsung Galaxy A54’s battery?

The Galaxy A54's charging port.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

This is an open question at the moment since we haven’t had much time with the Galaxy A54 yet. However, we can make some assumptions, based on Samsung’s prior performance. Looking at Samsung’s latest flagship phones as the pinnacle of what Samsung can achieve, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a solid day or day and a half battery life, while the Galaxy S23 Plus and S23 are capable of two days on a single charge. Samsung is clearly doing well when it comes to battery optimization, even in its most power-hungry devices.

Even more importantly, we can look back at last year’s Galaxy A53 for an even better example of how the Galaxy A54’s battery might perform. These two devices are quite similar where battery specs are concerned, as both phones have a 5,000mAh cell, 25W charging, and similarly-sized displays. Therefore, it’s a safe bet to think their power consumption will be somewhat similar. The Galaxy A53 has two-day battery life, giving us a strong indication we can expect the A54 to sport similar longevity.

While the Samsung Galaxy A54 may not have wireless charging support, with a potential two-day battery life, you might not miss having the ability to conveniently top up on a wireless charging pad. Just plug it in for an hour at the end of the day, and you should have enough battery to see you between charging sessions.

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