Samsung Ships Tiny WEP500 Bluetooth Headset

Announced last spring at CEBit in Hanover, Germany, Samsung is now shipping it’s diminutive WEP500 Bluetooth headset. About the size of a U.S. quarter coin, the WEP500 is one of the smallest headsets on the market today, offering a distinctive circular design. The unit comes in at just 7.7mm thick, and comes with a jewel-case charger/cradle for both carrying the headset and charging it when not in use.

The WEP500 headset uses Bluetooth 2.0, and offers both noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies to make sure your voice comes through clearly to your callers. The unit also offers automatic volume control which adjusts the volume as the level of background noise changes, making sure you can always hear your caller.

The WEP500 carries a suggested price of $119.99 and is available in black or silver. AT&T customers will also be able to pick up the WEP500 in blue.