Say hello to Google Workshop: It lets you make custom cases for your Nexus device

say hello google workshop will let make custom cases nexus device
If you’re looking for a way to make a custom case for your Nexus 5, Google may provide the means to do so in the form of Google Workshop, as reported by Android Police.

In terms of the level of customization, Google Workshop is comprised of two options: Moments and MapMe. Moments allows you to upload pictures and choose which ones you want to make a case out of. You can also add filters to the image, as well as messages and more. You can also add more pictures for the live wallpaper, if you’d like.

MapMe, meanwhile, lets you make a case and live wallpaper out of a location of your choosing. You can customize the map location with different colors or text, with the live wallpaper showing things like location-specific weather and tweets, as well as interactive touches.

Based on the images below, it looks like Google already has the interface for the service ready to go. Presumably, the Mountain View company is waiting for the right time to launch it, likely around the launch of the rumored Nexus 8 or Nexus 6. As for how much the cases will cost, Google accessories aren’t necessarily the cheapest around. As such, expect them to be on the expensive side of things, though we’ll have to wait and see when the service launches to know for sure.


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